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Drawing Skill and Concept

Have you ever paid attention to your own hand while drawing? Which part of your hand moves more? and in which direction? There is no right or wrong way of […]

Presentation Boards

Hi! I am back in Sydney; fresh, happy and ready to communicate with you all again. Hope you all had wonderful month of March and will enjoy rest of the […]

What Is A Site Plan?

last weekend I ran a workshop and few of my students asked about Plan and Site Plans. What is the difference between them and what is Site Plan? I thought […]

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Design N' Construction provides more than 100 videos online via YouTube channel. There are two main parts as Sketches and Software tutorials. Scratch to Reality!


bigstock-telecommunications-antenna-for-2 Designing Telecommunication Projects from preliminary to As built stage. Design N' Construction proudly designed more than 500 projects for VHA, Optus and Telstra in Australia since 2012.


Daryoosh Asadi

Daryoosh Asadi

CEO/ Telecommunications Design Engineer

Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering, Qazvin

With over 4 years’ experience in Telecommunication Design and over 1 year of Construction, Daryoosh established Design N’ Construction with remarkable skills in planning, designing and coordinating projects in various sectors. His experience is highly regarded with Design N’ Construction. Daryoosh has a passion for delivering quality designs. Daryoosh works well under pressure and pride himself on delivering projects on time and budget. He have strong belief that good planning is the key to success in any business.

Carolyn Asadi

Carolyn Asadi

Partner/ Director

Bachelor in Interior and Spatial Design, UTS, Sydney

She is self-motivated and talented designer with 2 years’ experience who ensures that the design direction remains within a client’s need. Yasamin’s background in Interior/spatial design and decoration, gives Yasamin a unique understanding which enables clients to consistently achieve their goals. Carolyn’s personal passion is to work with and mentor young designers. Also, Carolyn enjoys interacting with clients and other consultants to guarantee the best and creative outcome. What inspire her creativity include, travel, modern art, family and Baileys.

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