Drawing With New Technologies- 30.11.2017

We are expanding our experiments and skill levels here in Design N’ Construction. The very first drawing with new technologies just uploaded. I am enjoying this so much, to see where I started this channel with and how far I am taking it to. Happy learning ūüôā¬†


Happy 2nd Birthday Design N’ Construction-¬†11.8.2017

Proudly announcing our 2nd YouTube channel birthday this year. I am writing to thank every one of you for being here and supporting us. We could not and can not reach our dreams without YOU. THANK YOU!


Design N’ Construction attends YouTube events and workshops! –¬†29.6.2017 and 1.07.2017

We are lucky and very blessed to be invited to YouTube events in Australia-Sydney. Experienced two exciting days and met wonderful YouTubers!! We are feeling awesome to have this opportunity. Watch this 2 videos to feel our experience:


Follow Yasamin’s Private Instagram Page!¬†–¬†20.5.2017

Yasamin has created her private Instagram page, follow her for more pictures and get to know what she does daily! @yasamindnc


Buy Yasamin’s Drawings –¬†24.4.2017

Visit¬† our NEW shop. Buy Yasamin’s drawings on ANYTHING! Framed prints, Pillows, Bags and many more. Thrilled¬†for this announcement and willing to grow and work harder.¬†


Thank You!¬†–¬†10.4.2017

Design N’ Construction is happy, excited and thankful of each and every one of you! We are now one big family together with more than 1K YouTube subscribers. We are experiencing an amazing feeling and this would not happen without you all. Thank you and one big virtual hug from us.


Effective¬†and Improved Videos¬†–¬†20.3.2017

Design N’ Construction is working hard to provide contents in best way possible. We listen to each and every one of you and we truly care about our clients. There is no word which can describe our deepest feeling to you all. As many of you requested HD quality, we will upload videos with Panasonic HC – VX980M, 4K Video Camera. We appreciate your time visiting our website and watching our videos. Thank you and lots of love


We are in Dubai¬†–¬†5.3.2017

Excited to be here and experience Design world in Dubai. Proud and over the moon


Design N’ Construction Logo¬†–¬†27.2.2017

Design N’ Construction Logo is getting¬†some attention! We are working on our logo as¬†we received many comments and your thoughts about it. We appreciate the support and looking forward to read more of your opinion and ideas.


Design N’ Construction is learning¬†–¬†7.2.2017

We are taking courses! We believe training should be part of every business. We are taking YouTube courses every month to learn how to grow and communicate with each and every one of you. It is important for us to stay updated and understand your needs and wants. Please click here to see the full list.


Second meeting with A2k Technologies company – 24.1.2017

Design N’ Construction and A2K Technologies have agreements. We will provide Marketing solution on this companies¬†web page.


Your respond to our website – 16.1.2017

We are purely thrilled¬†to receive¬†many significant¬†feedback from our clients around the globe. Our re-designed website is more engaging and clear to you. Many of clients¬†mentioned they¬†see and feel this new design is a¬†“website” where the previous design was a “blog” layout. It feels good¬†to hear this as it¬†was our intention while¬†redesigning. There are more plans ahead for 2017. From 4th of January Design N’ Construction¬†will provide software tutorials regularly on every Saturday at 4pm local time (Australia-Sydney). As promised, there will be Sketch videos on every Thursdays at 6pm. We like¬†to read your thoughts and opinions, so please feel free to let us know about them and of course your requests either.


Re-designed Design N’ Construction Website –¬†1.1.2017

Design N’ Construction website was under construction for the month of December 2016 to develop well established website for our client’s need and thoughts. We have listened to you carefully and of course ready to design a website the way you wanted. During this period, the “Ideas” and “Videos” pages were available for the convenience of our clients.


YouTube channel –¬†31.12.2016

We have now more than 640 Subscribers worldwide from United States, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and many more! Over 2080 Instagram Followers and 58K YouTube views!! We are proud, over the moon and thankful.


Meeting with A2K Technologies company –¬†30.10.2016

Design N’ Construction start negotiation with¬†A2K Technologies regarding their Course Outline.We are proud to offer smart solution for course outline of AutoCAD and Revit courses.


Telecommunication Design projects –¬†15.6.2016

We are very proud to announce our partnership with MYD Consulting Engineers. Our mission is to submit 50 Optus / Huawei greenfield and upgrade sites by the end of year.