Design Process

How to begin a design project and where to start?

For a while this was my problem while experimenting with my knowledge after graduation from university. The key here is Planning. Looking at Jess’s way of designing did inspired me to write this. Incredible design and most importantly amazing design process.

What matters most in architectural/design world is the process designers go through than the final piece. What can sale the project is the process we present not just the final piece; of course the final piece or design needs to meet the needs and wants of the project but what can demonstrate all these is the process.

The very first step came into my mind is Definition of the project which mean what is the project about and how we “think” can be solved. By looking at this designer’s projects before reading about it we can realise this is a project about designing a piece for exterior; this kind of been defined in the first place for her while she began the design I believe !

Collecting information about the definition and improve it by sketching and brain storming we can understand our own way of thinking better and of course improve our design skills. She used design softwares and sketching techniques. So she chooses to use these techniques to communicate to others and get feedback and observe if others see and communicate what she is trying to present. Making a model was a great step in her process where the design process becomes more realistic and understandable where people with no design skills can have a look at the piece and give their opinion.

I believe, Jess Hall is so talented and her website can be an example of what design process is about and how we can read through the skills to get to the final piece. Well done !

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