3DMAX, What are the benefits of using this software?

As we all designers know, Sketching is the most important or main part of design process however, there are some useful design softwares where you can develop and improve your ideas and communicate in best way possible.

The software I decide to write about today is 3dMAX where the developer is Autodesk. 3dMAX is where you can draw plan views and convert them to 3D view and you understand the volume of the space better with detailing such as lighting and use of colours.

This software offers possibilities such as rendering and animation where me personally believe can demonstrate ideas in depth. I do come across many designers who do use the software such as Interior designers, Industrial designers, Animators and designers who are working on projects with complicated Model making process as 3DMAX has high potential in detailing and model making. As a Interior designer what I like mostly about this software is the lighting process and how strong it is.

Using lighting system in this software does make the project you are working on realistic and adds feelings to the atmosphere of the area. After sketching process in every work I am busy with, I use 3dMAX to convert my Autocad 2D files to 3D plans so I can design Interior and Exterior of the space I am working on; This is very useful and helpful for me to see my own design ideas in 3D version to understand the area and feel how it will be in real life before Model making step.

I work with an animator who uses this software and always says ” this software has many plugins where making animation or teaser for any of my short cartoons are very quick and easy. ”

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