8 Secrets of Watercolour Rendering

Watercolour rendering is one of the most beautiful and interesting technique to use when sketching. After many years experimenting few various methods I came up with few but simple steps that will make your rendering experience, enjoyable and easy. I would like to share these techniques here with you the clients of Design N’ Construction.

  1. Depending on what you are sketching you need to choose a brush size. For example if you are sketching garden view in perspective you will choose different brush size than if you are sketching a close up view with many detailing, you would need few brush sizes.
  2. If rendering a large area on your paper such as Sky, first make your paper wet then add colour.
  3. If there is a certain colour you are trying to create make sure you always add dark brown or red to it as it will appear nicer when rendering.
  4. always remember that having texture when rendering will make your sketch stand out. Use sharp tools to make lines and make scratches on paper to create texture.
  5. Use Salt! YES. Salt reacts with water. So when your drawing is close to dry, use salt to draw on your paper.
  6. You do not have to use watercolour paint, you can use watercolour pencils available in many brands where you can add colour on your sketch the same way as you would use colour pencils, then use brush and water to add the effect. This is a great technique for detailed sketches.
  7. Use the mixture of watercolour pencils and Art markers where you can create some amazing and interesting colours.
  8. Make sure that you use your time wisely when water colouring your sketch. Use neat and slow motion touches with brush on paper to give your paper time to absorb the water so in this case, colours will not mix.

References: Another great YouTube channel Mary Doodles and Alena Art.


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