Buy or Design your Kitchen?

You start thinking about your dream kitchen and there will be many ways to approach your design. Would you go to related departments and stores and Buy what you like? Or you would start thinking about your own ideas and actually Design your own kitchen? At Design N’ Construction we mostly follow “My own Design” phase! Believe it or not it is so enjoyable and at the end of the day, feels amazing having your thoughts as real and functional space. As for kitchen design, one of the useful and interesting tool we use to help our clients is Ikea books and planners.

The very first step is measuring the space where the dreamed kitchen will be placed. How?

1) Measure from Floor to the Ceiling

2) Distance between walls and corners to doors

3) Measure each Window and their distance from floor to ceiling and corners

4) and of course do the same for doors

When you are done with measurements then start marking down anything that sticks out into the room such as radiators, pipes, power outlets and light switches.

Now the fun part begins. How do you want to move around in your kitchen/space? How you want to position your work zones? What is the distance between work zones? Answering these questions will make your kitchen practical and enjoyable. For example: if you have small space think of Single-Line kitchens which are stylish, functional and beautiful. Or if there will be many people cooking in the kitchen and you usually have a busy kitchen then Parallel kitchens would be the way to go as will make it practical for few people to cook together. If the space you are working on is in corner of your house then L-shaped kitchens will work perfectly to use the most out of your space. And of course if you have a large space to design your kitchen use Island or U-shaped kitchen designs where you can have many work zones and enjoy cooking. Remember that cooking it self is somehow Design as you mix, colour and taste pieces together to create the end result and gather with friends or family to eat and enjoy food. Kitchen is one of the important section of a house where creation takes place and have impact on other important parts of family meaning. Make time for cooking and remember to enjoy eating.

References: Ikea Ideas, and Ikea Australia

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