Design Principles of Garden’s Around the world

There are many principles in Garden Design. When it comes to designing a Garden it depends on where it is in world will change its Design, Use, Way findings and of course its purpose. For example, if you look on books or online, searching Chines gardens compare to gardens in Australia, you will find big difference between them but there are some, not many, as I mentioned some principles where all garden designers follow to make a Garden peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Lately I have been into Chines garden in Sydney and as I do travel a lot, this made me point out the similarities in garden’s around the world.

The ENTRANCE of all gardens have the wow feeling. All gardens been design in a way to make a person feel they are entering another world when standing at the entrance. This principle can also be found in Hight, Colour and Size of the garden.

SYMMETRY is one of the main principles in “Design”. It is all about Balance and all garden designers use this principles on placing flowers, trees and main objects. This is one of the reasons why we feel calm when we walk through gardens as our mind and eyes do feel relax.

On the similar principle, CENTRE and core of a space is important issue especially when we entering a big architectural space such as a garden, we automatically feel there will be a centre for the main or most activities. There is always a centre in all gardens and does make you walk through it to join activities or just sit down, listen and feel the space.

RHYTHM. Have you heard ” Less is more” ? All gardens do follow this principle. It means all designers do use repetition of simple or complex elements when designing a garden as they see the “Garden Design” as a work of “Art”. You can see and feel this rhythm from the very first step you take entering any garden looking at tiles, walls and even flooring system.


Next time going to a garden, look at every part of it, even the empty space between two walls or just an empty space. What is significant in garden design, every space is independent. What does it mean? It means each section of a garden is IDENTIFIED. All spaces are independent and have their own identity. There will be no space without an purpose. Thinking about a garden will make you think of a big green area with lots of trees, but there is more in it than just trees!!

In general there are principles in any kind of designing. Alway find the principles for what you are working on and follow principles using your inspiration and ideas, this will lead you to a understandable and useful piece.

References: Find them on Instagram

Felipe Faria, Endar Permadi, Xavier_harcq, Angela Gibbins and NedaHamzeh.

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