Drawing diagrams

Painting, Drawing, Design, Illustration, Sketching and many more! Each and every single one of them contain an idea or concept so what would be the difference between each? In my opinion they all show approaches of how we can visually express our selves. Which one would you choose and why? I would say there is no better in these approaches. They are each a “method” but their difference is in values. One needs more detail where the other might need more colour!

Lets talk about Diagrams. There are many types but I mostly work with Design diagrams for the architectural drawings and sketches I am involved in. Diagram is a graphic expression for me to communicate with viewer. If you google the meaning of “diagram” you can find exact meaning and its origin but for me it means symbol or even “lines” which demonstrates experience, movement or feel of a space. But the general definition for me is “Sketch”. A Diagram is a sketch, it can be a plan sketch or even a logo. This means diagrams can be simple or complex. You can use them to plan your day, meeting or a discussion you will attend. You are reading this “Idea” and trying to find or understand the exact meaning of Diagrams? I would say there is no exact meaning which can define what Diagrams are as there is no word which can be capable of the multi-dimensional aspects of this concept. My personal opinion is that you follow or understand a diagram which is simple and not complex but on the other hand, some diagrams are complex by purpose to challenge viewer to read, follow and understand what the creator is expressing. However the concept behind a diagram is that they have ability to express features.

In my practice, drawing diagrams is a expression tool of relationships between different elements such as an idea. This is even clearly defined in the structure of the website you are in right now! Of course there can be always improvements and suggestions but Design N’ Construction website is clearly designed in a way which is easy to follow and understand. There has been many draft diagrams done before the final design of this website which helped me to understand and follow the behaviour of you, my clients in this website. If I did not sketch my ideas, plans and what was in my head before designing Design N’ Construction website, it would not be easy to have the final design. Drawing diagrams helped me to achieve the requirements and needs of this website. For example a sketch diagram does not contain accuracy in drawing or techniques of sketching, it can be quick and be a draft of an idea. In the field of Spatial/ Interior design there are two main diagrams which I work with. One is Analytical Diagrams and two Creative diagrams which is my favourite go to concept. The reason why I work or design Creative diagrams/ sketches while working is because these types of diagrams allow me to invent an idea. After I do this I use Analytical diagram to just force my self to review my idea and understand it. So again there is no better or right or wrong approach. What I love about Design world is exactly this, which you need to choose a approach and follow, put your skills in it and finally express. While you are reading this, think of the next plan you have in your mind. It can be anything. You might want to cook next, watch TV, go to work or read more of my articles! Try diagraming what you want and think will do. Use lines and colours as they each have meanings. Even putting them next to each other will have different meanings. For example start with using lines to create shapes, define your goal, use colours for main elements. You will clearly see the definition of what you are doing and will understand the important points in your next activity.

Each diagram is representing an idea, concept, issue which defines a situation. A diagram can help us to have an overall understanding of an issue. Share with me your diagrams and #diagramdesignnconstruction in Instagram for me to be able to see and find you. Your time which you spend with me in Design N’ Construction website, means so much and I appreciate it. Can not wait to see your diagrams. As always, remember to Scratch to Reality! Design N’ Construction team

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