Facade garden with artificial lighting in “Sky Garden”

One of the most incredible places in Sydney Australia.

A floating garden in central Sydney. What is amazing about this garden is that it is risen up from sides of the building facade to the very top in the sky. This platform looks amazing from down on street as it looks like a surface has been placed out of the building itself! Residents who live in the “Sky” apartments are always welcome to visit the garden at the very top floor of the apartment. This Sky Garden is surrounded by few buildings around it which makes the area dark and the sunshine is not able to shine in the area. On the other hand, the use of mirrors on this floating platform reflects the sunshine to the garden.

We highly recommend designers out there to go and visit this place which gives you many ways of thinking about Design.


SkyGarden1 SkyGarden2 SkyGarden3 SkyGarden4 SkyGarden5 SkyGarden6


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