How to choose Colours

Colour are very important in a space. As an Interior designer I believe colour have power and affect in any area that its been used. It is very easy to choose colour for interiors such as rooms in our home but if they are not chossen carefully after a while you will notice something is not right and does not feel good being there!

Colours can be combined and also can be used for the purpose of the space. The mood and time frame of using a room or interior can effect how we choose colours. For example as you can see in the photos there is a bathroom with tile design of combined colours which are not placed in order either. Combination of bright colours makes the space larger and calm but warm colours make the same cozy and smaller; I believe the designer chosen the combination of this colours and design because as all know and want, we don’t usually spend lots of time in the bathroom, so why not having bright and nice colours to feel fresh and good; but on the other hand the other photo which I believe is a home accessories shop is one style flooring and wall design with only one colour. This makes the space smaller and welcomes you to stay, look around and feel comfortable.

This shop gives the sense of nature and world to me and I believe this is because of the colour Light brown. Brown is about neutral, comfort and real.

Colour white is all about freshness, simplicity and pureness. Using the white in the bathroom as a colour base was a smart idea as it gives the impression of tall walls and high ceiling. You can imagine if this was used in the shop, we would not stay in the shop for a long time as it would be too bright unless the purpose and use of the shop would communicate with white.

I remember when I was a student at university, I was told that I can use some websites which can help me to choose colours for the space that I am designing. Basically there are some websites where you can upload a photo of an interior and then choose a wall and click on colours provided and see how it looks and feels. I believe this can be helpful but as an Interior design with many experience I believe using colour charts and sketching will give you a direction to an exciting and powerful choice. Use the websites for inspiration but make sure get colour pencils and paper and start thinking about the purpose and use of the space you willing to design.

Knowing your client is a big part of designing. What I believe this designers did was asking their clients about their needs and interests and what they are passionate about. Asking your clients what is their hobbies, likes and dislikes is such a big role in designing. I believe the bathroom is designed for young married couples who are positive and like having privacy and fun at the same time; Also by looking at colour and design of the shop I believe this shop is visited mostly by people who care about their belonging and do want to feel fresh and clean when using their kitchen or items at home. Not very sure if all this opinion is correct or not but I have experience in designing and colour matching which helps to understand the space and people in depth.

Finally I would like to say, please spend time and consider the purpose of the space while choosing a colour which will effect the experience.

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