Ikea 35 square metre home

Is it possible to have a 35 square metre home and feel comfortable?

Sometimes we wish for a nice big house to live in and we think we will be more comfortable and will enjoy our time better with family, but what we really don’t know is how a space can be defined or how we can use spare spaces to use every single spot and experience the cosy, warm and nice atmosphere. This Ikea house been designed carefully and amazingly used every space possible to attract. What is amazing is that while you are in there, you actually do not feel small or tiny space around you (in 35 square metre), actually you feel you are in a space where means “home”. The open kitchen, placement of the main bedroom in middle of the plan and living room area makes it all in one so you can have family nights or small friends gatherings.
Where would be the windows in real world? Is the placement of the Tv in good spot?
We can see that it is moveable and can be watched from kitchen too, but where else would you move it to?
Please comment below your thoughts and let us know how you feel and think about this space design.
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