Ikea’s Kitchen

As a Designer and some one who likes food, I always take my time to cook and spend my time in Kitchen. I believe Kitchen is one of the important parts of the house where cooking happens and storage.

As Kitchen is a part of a house I believe if appliances and storage is poor, it will effect the look of entire home. I came a cross this Ikea kitchen design where I think it is smart, unique and minimalist. Very easy and clean to put ur dishes next to the sink while hand washing them and you see the water dropper is amazingly designed.

In today’s life, every design is smart, unique and need to be compact, so there is more space in the house to enjoy. Imagine this kitchen island without those water dropper, you would need to have a mat and of course something to hold your dishes so they are protected from falling down! But this simple lines or “Design” does make a Big difference; they do protect dishes from falling down and of course because of the design the water drops straight in the sink so its clean and easy. Smart and small designs do make the life experience or kitchen experience different. I can call this the perfect statement in any kitchen of any house.

I do feel under pressure that I need to produce designs that accommodate the small spaces or designs that communicate to the space. In today’s kitchen, you cook in front of your quest and if you doing anything in the kitchen, you can be seen from other people in the house, so it is very important that how you look or how you work in the kitchen.

One another important fact is using light colours which creates the illusion of the space with appropriate appliances and the space looks clean also welcoming.

This design do reminds me to stay focused and always remember to design smart.IMG_9247 IMG_9246





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