Learning about Building Facade

Having the knowledge of what does Facade mean is very important in Design. What does building Facade mean? Why is it so important to learn and design some while building?

Building Facade is a front view of the building where features different sides of it and it is kind of showing of the adjectives of the design. The scheme of the Facade view and the plan drawings have balanced between them and they all should look beautiful and identified by each other; This is important where you are trying to present a design to a client or even having presentation at university. Always remember to have two or four views from your building design in same size and theme of other drawings been done. It is important what kind of material is used and how, also materials should be chosen by the condition of the area, for example some materials can/might be used in some part of world where it is not useful in Australia.

There are some important steps should be taken while drawing or demonstrating a building Facade. You should consider the size of the building and then decide where on paper you will have the information of your design (where usually is on the bottom of the page in table format) then should start from the most important details to the less important details. It is always useful to have the plan of the building next to you while drawing the Facade as it will help you to understand the materials, windows, stairs and where should be thicker or darker in renderings.

There are many exciting and powerful techniques and parts where you can discover in Designing a building, always make sure you take your time and love what you designing.

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