Life of Designers

What kind of life designers have? And what does make a person to become a Designer?

If you are an Interior Designer, Architect, Graphic Designer or even a Fashion Designer you all have been through what I am about to write and I am sure we all are happy about our decision the become a Designer. This post is for those people who are interested in Design and can see skills in them selfs. I am excited thinking about what I am going to write as Our life is pretty exciting either.

I am an Interior Architect one of a team member in Design N’ Construction, and I remember back in days many years ago I would wake up at 5:30am and go to university come back at 7pm. During the weekends I had nothing to do but just Designing or thinking about my ideas via pen and paper. Designers usually do lots and lots of drawings, sketching and brain storming activities which helps them to propose their idea in a better and understanding way. If you become popular as a Designer, there will be less sketching and Designing life and will be more meetings, design gatherings and teaching junior designers to develop their idea and communicate it. What I learned is being a Designer means be an average person in your skill. If you love designing try to stay focused and Design. For example you can be a freelancer or even some one like me as Author who is writing a review on this website and spreads her opinions to the world. There are many ways to explore and have fun.

Design is individual and every designer has her/his opinion and point of view on a design where if it is a website design, fashion design or a plan of a interior of a house. This means, clients or the design group you get involve with will always have disagreements with you about your project and will always give a feedback which you might not like but what is great about Designing is that you can always have your say. I am 45 years old and I am still enjoying my work and proud to be a Designer as I always have the chance to communicate with my group design team at work, about the space I am imagining in my mind and show it to them through quick sketches. This is amazing how presenting your ideas and steps to the final stage of the completed project is much much more important than the actual final piece! Some times our group as Interiors use design softwares to demonstrate the way findings in a interior and the realistic movement clients see and feel does sale our idea better than the actual final piece which can be just a simple design idea.

We as humans need to be always busy with something useful and good for us, so as a designer I learned it is up to me how long i would spend time on a project. Even if you have deadline from a client again it is up to you to work 2 hours/day or 10 hours/day for the project but you need to know you never get enough money because it is not realistic. This means you need to be in love with your job, work and what you design to be come a Designer. I spent hours and hours on sketching simple ideas, drawing lines, thinking visually on paper every day about projects I work on as this is like meditation to us. It is incredible to know using pen/pencil on a paper can do so much, and by starting sketching anything for 15 minutes a day you can see after 1 week how many ides and sketches you made. Always use sketch pads which are made for sketching, why I say that? I remember how scared I would get at first year of university to see a white shiny A3 paper in front of me with a pencil on my hand ! The first question was, where do I start and what to do? Use sketch pads as they are not that bright, they are usually not white white and JUST START by even drawing a straight line ! YES DO IT

As a Interior Architect, I had ups and downs in my business but still enjoying what I am and what I do. I believe Design N’ Construction website is GREAT ! why? because back in days when I was studying there was no opportunities like this to show off my skills and sketches. I can see many students and designer who actually are communication in this website and show casing other designer’s work, which is great ! If you are Junior designer or you are student in design courses, write an email to Design N’ Construction and make sure state your background in Design and show case your sketches and communicate with world. Design N’ Construction is here to show case your work, become an author of the website and upload your design news.

I hope this post will help so many future designers in the world to be strong and follow their dreams and I am sure many Designers felt similarly and do understand what I am trying to spread in the world.


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