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Today I had a student who is new in Design field and asked me about Model making and what she actually asked was: What is the point of model making when we can sketch and computer generate it? Well, this question made me to come here and write this article!

When designing or creating an idea, to understand, refine and present it, Model making can have a big impact on your process. Public, private, cultural, industrial or any kind of space can be detailed and shown by model making techniques. You will understand every every aspect of your idea and can communicate it strongly via your physical model.

But; what is the definition of “Models” in Design field? Models are, the transformation of ideas on paper in two dimensional to three dimensional form where has volume and been made with various materials and methods.

So, why do we make Models? When a student or a professional designer, transforms their ideas from two dimensional design to a three dimensional model, strengths and weakness of the design is obvious and can be completed in design process. In a simple words, you feel, see and observe the 3D model physically and can understand your own design in depth.

You may ask When do we make models in design process? It really depends on type of project you are working on but usually there are 3 options where designers would like to start model making. 1) Before the start of the project: where you become familiar with different parts of the project which this types of model makings will help you to get inspired and make lots of Concepts models. 2) While you are working on your project: To introduce and identify the progress and scope of your design/work. 3) After completing the project: To introduce your idea to your tutor/people or client.

There are many materials you can use to make models such as: Paper, cardboard, foam board, cork, plaster, timber and of course ANYTHING.

Making models and always make time to get inspired. Good luck!

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