Nature and Design?

How can we use Nature to Design or Decorate interiors?

Nature is amazing and have unique characteristic where can be one of the greatest inspiration for our Home.
Nature is beautiful, it has natural forms and shapes and it is inspiring. Nature been a source of inspiration for 
many famous artists such as Picasso, so why not relax and sit down, listen and look at Nature in depth?

This is very simple and can start by looking at a coloured Rose. Notice how the colour of the flower and its 
colour shades can enter our living space? Observe the nature and then repeat that beauty within the home.
Nature plays easily with various colour shades. Imitate the colour schemes found in Nature and welcome 
them to your home.

Lets talk more in depth and not just the colour scheme. When walking in Nature, what can we gather from 
this space? Remember the last time you went for a walk and you came back with few leaves or rocks?
There are many ways which you can make your home interiors using natural elements of Nature. Use rocks 
to fill in your vase and put some leaves in it. Choose a good place to leave this vase in the house and move 
the beauty of Nature into your home. Follow patterns in random ways as Nature. For example use a modern 
chandelier in a kitchen in a rustic style, even if the two styles are in conflict. Get inspired by Nature where no
one knows where the seed is planed and are growing or not! You never know if the final decorated pice will 
look good or not but this is your house and you will live in it, so take this risk and enjoy playing with random 
ideas. On the other hand, some designs are targeted in Nature are programmed. For example, sunrise 
awakes birds and moon light awakes some living beings at nights. This teaches me that some parts in 
Nature is purposeful and planned so as some parts in our House. So as been mentioned before, Random 
Design process is unique and exciting but some parts of house needs care and planning while Interior
designing. For example our home kitchens require careful planning and all of its components must be 
carefully arranged. Why? A good interior designer will be careful to make sure parts of house such as the 
kitchen is planned and nicely designed as unplanned kitchen design will be in result of stressful or messy 
experience cooking. So it is important to take time while decorating or designing using inspiration from 
Nature for your kitchen.

Nature is really powerful and now we know Nature can also be powerful in Interior designing, always get 
inspired before you take the next step Designing.

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