Outdoor and Indoor

As a designer it is so grateful to look at other designer’s projects and ideas. I came across this amazing project which has so many possibilities and I can say stories that can bee written about it. The proposal design looks complicated but me spending few hours of time on it and realise how interesting this is.

I see this as a outdoor space which has so many indoor and cozy spaces within. Observing the plan view of the project and understand how interesting the space is as it has a unique shape and does make a relationship between the buildings and the street shape itself. No way of people passing the corner of the street and missing out this space as it is not in a usual shape and each corners catches a part of the street which people pass throw.

What I believe has happened is that this project been designed by group of designers not just one and each had their thought of what “privacy” means. Looking at the placement of the green areas and trees I can see it is by purpose and they actually do work as dividers or doors to make privacy for each sit/table or section of this indoor outdoor park. So we know we are outside but feels cozy and indoor as each can have their own space as one or group of people in a corner and have their privacy of communication.

What happens if children come across this space? In my opinion this can be fun, playful and actually relaxing for both mother and child; where children can spend time together or doing homework while parents or sister/brother is reading book or even talking on the phone. This space can be used safely during the dark as each “indoor” section has its own lighting system above where can be seen from street corners if its been used or not. Cute!

Such a great environment to be at as in my eyes it has so many health benefits as it is relaxed because of being outdoor and having all the greens around you but at the same time having that “privacy” where we sometimes want or need in outdoor spaces. Nice proposal and would be grateful to have it around my area too!!


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