Today I would like to write about Perspective drawing and why is it very important to have this knowledge as a designer. Many of my students always do ask me this and I believe it is important to spread this to the world and make all of you the visitors of Design N’ Construction to understand the importance.

What exactly defines the word Perspective?

Perspective means showing the image of an object on a piece of paper which is known as “the paper of the image”. These images are showing only the surface of the object and it is showing what human eye can see; so it means Perspective drawings are technically not complete or exact. Perspective is the imagination of objects. Can I pass through the meaning? or it is complicated? I believe “imagination” is very important in how you start your sketch and how good you will get in it. There are few ways in perspective drawings.

In perspective usually we look at the central point and draw from there, so the eye level can see objects behind the point or front of it. This means, dimensions are not equal and not parallel. This central perspective usually is used in interior or building sketches where details can be seen and sides of each corners are clear. In a simpler word, perspective means exactly what our eyes sees in front of us and the more we understand the space around us the better we can sketch in perspective and understand the 3 dimensional spaces.

Types of Perspective where I believe are useful is: One point perspective and Two point perspective.

the differences are:

  • In 1 point perspective there is only 1 point on horizon line but in 2 point perspective there are 2 points far from each other on each side of the line.
  • In 1point perspective all lines only go to 1 point but in 2 point perspective depends on the object and where it is each line has to go to right and left points.
  • In 2point perspective the distance between point on horizon line is not fixed, it can be placed where we want and how we like to sketch the object

There are many more differences but I did wrote only few as I believe they are the most important ones.

Design N’ Construction Youtube Channel can be a good source to visit and learn all this visually. I am aware that this company has few developers and designers who always work on their videos to teach the world design principles.

I found Perspective drawings very practical and useful through my work where I have any ideas or whenever I meet a client and he or she talks about what she is looking for, I always start sketching their thoughts in perspective on paper. Perspective drawings are powerful and can communicate strongly as they are realistic. Practice, Practice and Practice ! Good luck !


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.56.46 PM

 Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.55.13 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.54.52 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.56.07 PM


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