Review: Melissa Redwood Interior Design

A pretty decorated interior which functions perfectly and created mood and feeling. This space has its own personality.

I believe Melissa Redwood took her time gathering ideas and thinking about the family or person who will live here. The colour scheme is beautifully chosen and the placement of furnitures are rearrangeable. What catches my eye is the ceiling design. The common design between window, built in book-case and the ceiling design is so unique and nicely considered by the interior designer; This is what I assume the focal point of this project is. The other dynamic element which is so eye catching is the dark navy coloured cushion on the couch. Furnitures are perfectly chosen for the function of the space. Tables are simple and elegant and moveable, instead of using one large one, the designer chosen two small tables to be able to move and re-use them. Also, for the purpose of space function, lighting been chosen carefully, Because there are natural lighting from the large window on one side, the built in book-case on left side has its own lightings which are small and appealing.

What I believe Melissa started with, is she drawn the plan of the space first and then rearranged the furnitures for the purpose of the built in book-case and use of the natural lighting from the windows. The main and largest piece of the furniture is placed toward the focal point and around the table is empty for the major traffic. There are some decorated peices such as the vase and some very simple decoration items such as the green vases which are the great example to use patterns.

In my opinion the mood of the space been chosen as relaxed, classy and comfortable by the colour choose, style of furnitures and by the very minimal patterns been chosen. As all interior designers/decorators do have inspiration for their project, I quess Melissa’s inspiration might be nature. Water, trees, mountains, ocean are what I feel by looking at this space. Its amazing that all the background colours are the same and the patterns do share the same colours too, same as nature it self ! Consider the navy cushion and the blue vase on bookshelf ! The size of this item’s pattern are different but it feels they been chosen to reveal common idea.

There are many great detailing in this space and exactly why I spent some time on it and talking about each section. Amazing work Melissa, Design N’ Construction team, wishes you luck in future projects.


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