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Looking at the photos of this pretty building, reminds me of a big boat on ocean especially because it is close to ocean too. It is fascinating how from right to left there is different heights. This building is so unique which follows a regular pattern and the amazing facade appears as its moving or pushed away from middle to sides of it.  Soleni, also reminds me of playground and a joyful place where kids play and laugh loud, these are all because of the shape of the facade.

The very first thing you notice is the height of each side and how it is covered by greens. It is not an ordinary building, the designer did not mention what is the use of it but I would appreciate a gym place in town such as this.

I think the main idea behind this design is to create a glassed space which is floated in the middle of a street and each side of the building represents what we have been offered in this world, such as nature, water and air. Standing on top glassed floor on right hand side of the building and appreciating the view and nature under your feet, also can reminds you of Titanic movie where those two lovers stood and felt the air.

Between each rod, there is an empty space where you can see the inside, the facade does not have any covered surface like usual buildings. What you would use this space as?


Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 6.34.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 6.34.51 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 6.34.31 PM











2 thoughts on “Review: Modern Building

  1. Thank you designNconstruction for mentioning our project. As you have very well said, the project structure was inspired by the ribbed structure of a boat. Located on the coast of Lebanon, overlooking the mediteranean sea, it acts as a landmark highlighting the quality of the Lebanese crowd originally known for their imports/exports and trades skills that were facilitated by the numerous ports around the area. This green structure designed to enhance the quality of life and working environment in the city holds the headquarter of the largest home appliance retailer in the country with their main offices, showroom and services. Adding a gym at the top floors would actually be a great idea!

    1. WOOW great ! Its amazing how I could see and feel what you have been inspired by but this mean the design is strong and delivers the idea clearly. Great project and website, will come back to you soon.

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