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Came across this amazing showroom few days ago in Sydney and by all means I believe it is worth it to talk about this business. The director of Design N’ Construction did mention to me this showroom and when I went to that shop I felt so amazed, this is why I believe it is important to know companies in Sydney which are doing great in their business and of course care about their product. As a Designer, knowing these showrooms and where they are located is always helpful why? You will always get projects where you need materials and mood boards for clients and you need to satisfy them with high quality. Knowing your products can help your clients find what they need and actually understand their want either.

Walking in to the shop, and welcoming me by smile, felt amazing and the atmosphere of Seneca’s Sydney showroom is unique. I can not say it is bright and fresh but definitely can say, it is a corner street shop where you walk in and before you began to feel fabrics you can already feel the power and unique collection they have. These days you can have many accessories at each section of the house, if thinking about redesigning any of them such as cushion and chair it would be one of the greatest place to be as they have many high quality collection. Spending hours in Seneca Textiles as a designer is just a hobby and fun for me. I recommend to students who do daily visit this website, please make time and go to these kind of places and understand what they are offering and how. At the end of the day it is you who is helping your client and you need to satisfy them so they do trust and come back to you.

I could find simple, fresh and most creative fabric pieces in the showroom. One of the most incredible wallpapers I saw there was 3D wall coverings where I spend few minutes on each some to imagine and feel the atmosphere of them covering the walls. What was appealing to me in Seneca, was that I could feel everything is original and there is love behind designing each piece. These reminds me of Design N’ Construction where we always been told to love what you do and love designing. When you step to many showrooms you get many various feelings, but what is important is that you gain knowledge about products and companies which are offering many amazing designs in Sydney so you can help your clients from various places even countries. More you know about Design companies, more you will be able to offer and help.

Be passionate, Think smart and know your providers.

Reference: Seneca Textiles


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