What does Sketch means? Or what is Sketching? Sketch means a very quick drawing where a Designer draw for further project’s process and will use sketches to see her/his own process. This word is a key word of Interior Designing but also Sketch can be used in any design program. There are no right or wrong way of Sketching but there are some rules where a sketch can stand out or communicate the idea better.

The more defined way of explaining Sketching is that designers do draw something but free hand, without any ruler or even sometimes idea; they bring their thoughts on paper. There are many design softwares available which can help designers to develop their ideas and sketches but in my opinion still the free hand sketching is one of the most important part of any design project and non of design softwares can do what a designer’s hand can do. I strongly can see my own improvement in design process and projects in years where I begin my ideas by hand then I refine and develop them using softwares to communicate and understand my own ideas to be able to pass it through.

There are some ways where you can improve skills in sketching. One known sketching technique is drawing something in front of you on paper. By trying to sketch an object or anything in detail and as realistic as possible can improve skills where your hand is connecting to your brain and your eyes where, you see and draw. It is an amazing process and you will be amazed where you get.

Sometimes designers come up with a technique or a sketch where they did not start with. Drawing lines on paper in directions can end up sketching Perspective, where you understand angles, directions, lines and how our eyes see things.

Me as interior designer, start every project with sketching free hand and this helps me to see my full projects in few quick sketches. I use as less details possible but what I sketch is only what my ideas are and what I am imagining the project is about. By the end of the day when I am presenting my ideas to a client I can see the final piece was in my sketching pad but only not detailed and not developed. Sketching is acting the main role in my design process. It can be interesting for you as reader to know that I am not always getting projects about interiors, sometimes even it can be an idea about an object, chair or sitting areas in cinemas, whatever the project is, Sketching is my first tool to begin with. What is the same in all types of my project’s sketches is, these drawings are Quick, Imaginary and answers project’s needs.

Draw anything, and never think that you need to be good at drawings to sketch. Just start sketching, Good luck

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