Here in Australia, we have Winter and while I am working in a office without any windows, I thought it might be interesting and important for you designers in the world to gain some knowledge about Skylights and its benefits.

When buying or renting an apartment or a house, Natural Light is the priority for most of us. Without having to compromise your privacy, you can use Skylights to provide natural light through the house or in a single room. For example; think of your bathroom, depending on your place and its situation, a skylight in a bathroom can provide you a lot of natural light, while the bathroom windows does not offer such a possibility because of privacy and of course if it is pop-up style it can also excess heat out easily after the bath time. Skylights can be in any kind of shape or position, if you are interior designing a place, you can use skylight roof windows along one wall in a living room to produce light and create cosy atmosphere. One of the great and smart use of skylights are when the side walls of your room is shared with your neighbour and it is a small interior. Skylight can create long/bigger space and reduce the cost of your energy bills. They can even work as air conditioners in various situations. If you are minimalist or you like exterior-interior spaces, skylights are part of nature in your home as you can see the movement of clouds or sometimes trees. Having part of nature inside your home is such an amazing experience compare to basic windows where you can see power cords or rooftops of your neighbours. I have some students who are always late to morning classes, I think skylights can help them wake up with the sun; So you do not need any alarm or anything, you wake up naturally with the sun shining inside your bedroom welcomes you to your day. I believe we are not the only ones who can enjoy the great use of skylights, actually the plants or any kind of flowers we keep inside our place can enjoy the sun too.

Overall, skylights can change the feeling or mood of a place. They have direct effect on you and your feelings either. Natural light is powerful and can help us with our mood and daily difficulties.

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Western Way Wonderings, Fion Lai, and Kreis Grennan Architecture

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