Texture in Interior Design

Have you ever experienced "not right" when you where inside a room? While there are furnitures or
things in the room, but you feel there is still something missing? You may not believe it but Texture is the 
key but usually during discussion of interior designing or decoration, texture arises as a last topic.

What does texture means in Interior design? Texture is the sense or feeling received after touching a
surface. When looking or touching textures, one or few in a room have the ability to attract attention to us, 
this mean Visual Weight. There are many facts which does effect our feelings about textures.
For example bold/big textures give the space an intimate feel, while smooth and soft textures are more 
formal. So, it is important to think about the result and location of textures when designing a space.
Texture should create Balance in a space so we need to be careful not to convey a sense of clutter.
The difference between Texture and pattern are very important and needs attention. Always remember 
that pattern refers to Visual Layout but Texture is sense of something! When you use carpet or wooden 
table in a room to make it home and cosy, the use and importance of texture is obvious; they kind of heat 
up the room!

Texture is a visual element through seeing which draw attention to touch.
Real Textures: they have a high/great quality where can be experience through sense of touch.
Abstract Textures: they look original and real such as wooden textures.
What do you thing about Texture? and how do you use them?

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