What is Spatial Design?

Design is an amazing Wold and has many identities. Have you heard of this amazing course as Spatial Design? I have spoken to one of our team members who have studied this subject in University and the main thing she said about this type of “Design” was re-imagination. Spatial design is about re-imagining interior spaces and public spaces. Close your eyes and think of a space and try to imagine people’s experience in it, it can be a cinema, shopping centre, a modern house or even a pool area. How people use or react to the space around them?

Spatial Design is about changing the way people are use to use a space. We are all use to some ways in our life and when we wake up we know what to do as a routine, But what if some or all of these can be different, not hard only different and some how exciting?

As an Interior designer, I do personally understand this course and I do get excited knowing about it. I believe most of design courses are learning how to work in a group. Group work is one of the key experience in Design world. Spatial design, helps design groups to collaborate their skills and understand each other’s point of view. These skills are both hand and computer knowledge. It is always a great and powerful way to combine your hand and computer skill Together for presentation or communicating your ideas through design. For example 2D and 3D classes are one of the main part in this course as you can learn about colour code, rendering techniques, weight and scale of objects around you and their relationship with human’d body.

Design thinking and way findings are both key elements of being a Designer. not all designers been studied and have qualification but there are many courses online, in Tafe and Universities where you can expand your knowledge through study where they teach you how to think like a Designer, understand other designers and architects, expand your ideas and always trust your way of findings in design. Practice does make your design knowledge in a better place. This is why tutors always recommend to go for work experience and feel the space you will work in. I remember my self where I studied and how excited I was. If you love to “Design” do it with passion and understand every person has different point of view so yours is unique as others.

Good luck!

Reference: Bellac1405, Bezel_design_2003, E_yk and 2016_index


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