What Softwares are needed for a Designer?

There are many categories in Design world but today I am specifically explaining Softwares which are needed for a Interior Designer. There is Three general categories: 1) Revit 2) Cad and ArchiCad 3) Adobe package such as Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop etc.

Revit: This software allows designers to draw and model. It also helps designers to understand what is the output of the project and what could the cost of it be.

AutoCAD:It is possible to use AutoCAD software to draw plans and even every detail of architecture can be done by this software.

Adobe Package: By using these softwares, you can use the sketch plan of 3D in AutoCAD bring it to Adobe and render them and kind of beautify them.

The latest AutoCAD software been provided in 2013 and it is currently the most common and widely use software in the field of computer aided drawings. Due to the many features of AutoCAD software and the standards in use of drawings, it covers many disciplines such as Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Mapping, Interior design and of-course many more. AutoDesk is the company who developed AutoCAD and they also have created other softwares such as Architectural Desktop, Mechanical Desktop and LandCAD which can be used in engineering disciplines.

There are usually 3 stages in learning AutoCAD where can be very helpful and lead you to understand and work with other softwares in depth and better.

The first AutoCAD classes are called Fundamentals where the aim of the course is to help students/designers get familiar with the principles and basics of drawings using this software. By understanding the purpose of the software, simple editing commands and tools designers become ready to Design. In Level 2 training classes, you learn how to work with AutoCAD dealing for large projects. Designers learn and understand instructions of how to manage their drawings. And; the last class which is Level 3, can help you understand how to create models from your ideas, sketches and drawings. It is such a fun class where you can create 3d models by various tools. This software gives you wings!! You will be able to understand your own ideas and design and then develop them to something real and present them.

Design N’ Construction does provide tips and how to of AutoCAD software online via our Youtube channel. You can click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5DoG2kW_MNuKMP7zZ5X1HA and view our playlists.



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