Ikea, Get Inspired!

These videos are all about being comfortable in the space you live in. Understand and feel the space around you. Being comfortable and enjoying time with family does not always need big houses, small and cosy spaces can bring for you warm and nice atmosphere.


Ikea 35 square metre small and cosy Home

Is that possible to have a 35 square metre home and feel comfortable? See it your self.


Ikea 25 square metre small and cosy Home 

25 square metre home and you feel comfortable and very easy to fit in every piece you need. It is not hard to have small home but at the same time, valuable time spending in your home; Interior design is all about what you need and how you can use space to have what you want. Watch this video to get inspired and design space! Good luck!


Kitchen Design using Ikea Home Planner rules 

Only few minutes to your dream kitchen! Use these rules to measure and plan your kitchen design and you will end up with great experience. Good Luck!