Multi Point Perspective Tutorials

In a Multi Point Perspective drawing, each object will have separate sets of vanishing points with variety of angles and non of the objects are parallel to each other. Watch these videos to learn how to sketch Urban, town, garden and room views.


Challenge #2: Sketch Curved Buildings using only 01 UniPin Ink Pen

In this tutorial you will learn how to sketch curved buildings and multi-directional archways using only 01 UniPin ink pen. It is always very hard to sketch with no line weights but why not try finding ways of how to sketch if we only have 1 pen left and nothing else?! The secret is which parts should be rendered to emphasise depth in your sketch. Sit back and relax, watch this video to the end to understand and learn each step. Happy Learning!


How to Sketch a Landscape Tutorial 

This is another Landscape tutorial that is highly requested! Always try to sketch major elements in your sketch then move to minor objects such as the background, trees or greens. We highly recommend that you watch the Multi Point Perspective playlist in our channel to understand the concept of using Perspective. Good Luck!


Landscape Sketch using Multi Point Perspective 

While we are learning about Multi Point Perspective, it is great to know this type of Perspective is a good approach that can be used in sketching Landscapes and sceneries. Also choosing Dense Colour technique with Faber-Castell colour pencils to do rendering for this type of view/sketch is a smart move. Happy Learning!


How to Draw a Town in Perspective Tutorial 

Now that we have practiced some urban sketches and few types of perspective sketches, why not sketch a Town in perspective? You can use similar techniques and options to start and of-course any tools to render your town. In this tutorial Pen rendering been demonstrated to show you how by leaving out some parts in your sketch, they actually do stand out more and this gives depth to your drawing. Sit back, Relax and Enjoy!


Urban Sketching Techniques 

Using boxes in perspective? YES!! Use boxes to help you sketch an urban view and create different levels. In this tutorial you can clearly see how the rendering process changes the depth in your sketch. Making a good impact and adding accents to a finished piece is the key. Remember that you don’t have to use same tools, you can even use hatching techniques and inked pen to create this atmosphere. Good luck


How to Draw 3 Gardens, 3 Eye Levels using Same Multi Point Perspective 

This Tutorial demonstrates how you can use the Same Multi Point Perspective composition but sketch 3 various Garden design. Also pay attention to the Scale and Proportion of objects in each sketch as first sketch demonstrates the Adult Eye Level, second sketch demonstrates Chile’s Eye Level and the last sketch demonstrates Smaller child’s Eye Level. Using Faber Castell colour pencils was also fun, there are few ways you can use this 24 colours. 1) Light to dark 2) Dense colour if holding vertical 3) Water colour effects (which been used in this tutorial) 4) Drawing on damp paper


Where are the Perspective Points in this room? 

Here is the very first lesson of Multi Point Perspective. These types of Perspectives consists of Three or more Vanishing points and Characteristics such as the Horizon line, Vanishing point setting and Eye level. Make sure to watch the full video to understand where are the points and if you could guess correctly. Good luck!!