One Point Perspective Tutorials

A drawing with only one vanishing point on the horizon line with front view of the drawing directly facing the viewer is known as One Point Perspective. Watch these videos to learn how to sketch objects, shops or room views, roads, hallways or any type of building.


Draw Interior of Gallery with Pen Rendering Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how using varied pressures of Pencil and Wet ink pen affect the overall look of a sketch. Even a proper sketch paper can change the look. Experiment with different tools and have fun while sketching.


How to Sketch with Quality Lines Tutorial

Step 1: It is always important to trust your judgment while sketching and rendering. Step 2: Watch this video to learn about techniques which will make your sketch stand out (Thickness and Stroke of Lines). Step 3: Quality sketch means Quality techniques.


Draw Interior Perspective with Line Shading Tutorial

This tutorial is a room perspective step by step from simple primary elements such as walls, sofa and the painting then the other details such as floor and so on.


How to Draw a Furnished Room and Render with Art Marker Tutorial

In this tutorial the start point is from a Chair which expands to a interior of a room. The size and scales of the objects shows the eye level which is in relation to horizon line. Art markers been used carefully to show shadows and where the light angles are from and lastly using pencil rendering technique to give a “soft” effect to the sketch.


Draw Split-level Rooms and Art Marker Rendering Tutorial

Challenge yourself and skills, Draw Split-level rooms using single perspective and learn how to Render with Art Markers, where should be darker or lighter. Practice, Practice and Practice again !! Good luck


Detailed Shop in One Point Perspective with Rendering Tutorial

This video is about detailed drawing+free hand drawing where they are combined and result in hand rendering in cross hatching and line shading. The position of the light from top, right and left makes some parts of the area dark and some very shiny.


How to Draw a Complex Room using One Point Perspective

Using One Point Perspective for more complex sketches, is not an easy task, it needs time, passion and of course practice. It is possible to come up with sketches more complex and interesting, all you need to do is take your time, learn about the basic principles and use them in any view point of interior or any kind of view. Be confident, try out new ways and always trust your judgement as it will get better by practice. Have Fun !


Simple One Point Perspective Urbanity Tutorial

Take your time and watch this tutorial to see how your basic knowledge (simple one point perspective rules) can end up to a top view sketch. Always learn and understands the basic rules of sketching, this way you can illustrate any thing in any view. Good luck!


How to Draw an Archway in Perspective Tutorial

Detailing and straight lines are very important in sketching. This sketch demonstrates step by step of a simple sketch to a unique and beautiful one.


From A Line to A Street Perspective Tutorial

What a beautiful moment when you only draw a line but at the end you end up with a fully finished realistic Street view.


A Line to Venice Riverside sketch Tutorial

Venice Tutorial is about how practice can help you to draw more realistic complex sketches. This sketch challenge us to compose more interesting ideas and render confidently.


Objects in One Point Perspective


Draw Street View with Pen Rendering Tutorial

This video shows a view of a street with some Pen Rendering to show depth also demonstrating scale by adding people in background.


Simple One Point Perspective