Rendering Techniques

Using Faber Castell colour pencils is fun also professional. There are few ways you can use this 24 colours. 1) Light to dark 2) Dense colour if holding vertical 3) Water colour effects 4) Drawing on damp paper


Faber Castell Colour Pencils Watercolour Effects Technique

This is the forth technique been used to demonstrate the use of Faber Castell Colour Pencils. This tutorial is all about having fun and being creative. Sketch has been done, rendering is done but why not adding more effects by using water? Work on a drawing with a wet paintbrush for water-colour effects. But do not dip the pencil into water! There is only 2 more effects to go and they are supper exciting, 1) Drawing on damp paper 2) Using a spray bottle
Stay tuned!!


How to Draw 3 Gardens, 3 Eye Levels using Same Multi Point Perspective 

This Tutorial demonstrates how you can use the Same Multi Point Perspective composition but sketch 3 various Garden design. Also pay attention to the Scale and Proportion of objects in each sketch as first sketch demonstrates the Adult Eye Level, second sketch demonstrates Chile’s Eye Level and the last sketch demonstrates Smaller child’s Eye Level. Using Faber Castell colour pencils was fun


Exterior Design of a House and Rendering Techniques 

There are many sketching tools available where you can use to render an exterior design of a modern house. But did you know there are few ways to use Faber-Castell colour pencils?And it is so fun and easy? In this tutorial you learn how to hold these Soft-Grip-Zone pencils in various positions, to create a smooth finish or highlight paper’s structure. There will be more techniques in following tutorials where light and dark colours are used together. Have fun!


Landscape Sketch using Multi Point Perspective 

While we are learning about Multi Point Perspective, it is great to know this type of Perspective is a good approach that can be used in sketching Landscapes and sceneries. Also choosing Dense Colour technique with Faber-Castell colour pencils to do rendering for this type of view/sketch is a smart move. Happy Learning!