Shadows and Reflection Tutorials

Have you ever seen your silhouette on the ground on a sunny day and wondered how that happens exactly? Watch these videos to understand, shadow is a reflection of something produced by light hitting an object.


Challenge #3: Drawing Objects For The First Time

This is my very first time trying to sketch objects!! The reason why I chose to try this:
1) I was looking at some catalogues and I saw this amazing texture behind these objects and I fell in love
2) Recently I found this girl on Instagram Amara Strand! OMG its amazing how she draws food and cakes! check out her Instagram page and show her some love, she really deserves it. (I tried the small cake, of course I am not good as her but please comment below your thoughts, what do you think? How are my objects and cake? ) Please make sure to like this video if you learned something new! Share it if you believe someone else might learn something new either. Leave us comment as we love to read your thoughts, and as always Scratch to reality.

How to sketch a Marble Kitchen tutorial

In this tutorial you learn about Marble texture and how to use layers of Cool grey Touch twin markers. You need time, passion, love and excitement to be able to re-create this and we would be over to moon to be able to see your creation. Please share it with us. This is our creation and we are proud. Please make sure to like this video if you learned something new! Share it if you believe someone else might learn something new either. Leave us comment as we love to read your thoughts, and as always Scratch to reality.


Sydney Harbour Bridge – Shading

Happy Australian Day everyone! For my subscribers who are not from Australia, today is Australian Day and why not try to sketch one of the iconic parts as Sydney Harbour Bridge! In this tutorial you understand the importance of shading and holding pencil. Remember to be comfortable and just shade any part you want and leave some for later! By no time, you will realise how creative you are. Trust me!

Did you know Sydney Harbour Bridge??!!
– was designed and built by British firm Norman Long&co
– had 16 workers died during its construction
– has a steel through arch bridge nicknamed “The coat hanger”
– has 79% of the steel imported from England
– is held together by 6 million Australian-made rivets
– is 504m by 134m



Draw Shadows and Reflection Tutorial 

This tutorial teaches you to understand shadows and reflection on various objects and shapes. Depending on the direction of the reflected light and what surface it is reflected on, you can draw shadows.


How to Draw Shadows on Different Surfaces Tutorial 

4 various surfaces and shadows. This tutorial demonstrates how a shadow can be drawn on a surface which is not flat. Watch and learn to draw shadows on any surface, Enjoy !


How to Draw Shadows in Isometric Perspectives with Lyra ColorStripe pencil Tutorial 

Shadows on Isometric Perspectives and Curved surfaces would be the next step to use for sketching more realistic perspectives.


Step by Step Tutorial, How to Shade a Rounded Room 

It is so complicated to understand Shadows and Shading on every surface but by learning them step by step does help you to understand how they work. Very useful to know these techniques as you will always come across them as a designer, architect or a drafter.


How to Draw Shadows for Chimney on the Roof Ramp Tutorial

This Tutorial demonstrates Step by Step of Shadows on Roof Ramp from Front view, Direction of lights and Side view. It is important to Understand the reflection of the shadows are NOT about Plan view however it is related to SIDE view.


Draw Shadow of the Skylight on the Roof Slope Tutorial 

Take your time and pay attention to the direction of the light, side view and front view of the skylight and how shadow is transferring from side view to front view.


How to Draw Shadows in Axonometric Perspective 

This tutorial teaches about the Direction of sunlight, the Transition of the light and the Shadow area in Axonometric Perspective. Learning about various types of Perspective is fun also a great knowledge to have as a Designer.


How to Draw Shadows in Three Views 

Learning about Shadows and Shading and also Isometric Perspective is fun but it is important to learn how to demonstrate Shades in Three Views using one Sketch. Pay attention to the lines crossing from one view to the other.


How to Draw Shadows, Front and Plan view of a Rounded Stair 

In this tutorial we show you how to draw Front View and Plan view of a rounded stair and combine this 2 views together on one sketch. The left hand side sketch of the rounded stair in this tutorial is in Isometric Perspective. It is important to learn these techniques as they are great options for presentation for projects or just demonstrating various views of your design. Pay attention to each step and try it your self.
Let us know what you want us to sketch?


How to get Inspired 

This video demonstrates how we at Design N’ Construction team, get Inspired.Just by looking at the image, we got busy for 5 hours and this video is the small section of the hours we spent together.
We as designers, sit together and speak about some projects, and we sketch, make models and talk through our ideas to each other. Our ideas and concept models are simple but we end up with lots of cool and great ideas from them to make real projects in real world. Recommend you to visit our website where our author wrote an article about this and please support them by leaving comment for them in the website, and as always, Thank you!!


Sketch Sunshine Effect in Various Seasons 

Fact 1: The length of shadow and its direction varies in different situations, seasons and times of the day
Fact 2: Length of shadow is shorter in afternoons compare to mornings and evenings
In this tutorial, the position of the sun is behind the objects. Pay attention and understand the movement of the sun and how shadows are drawn.


Shading Tutorial for Beginners 

Learn how to shade with various techniques. It is important to know and understand these techniques as each can be used on various surfaces and of course delivers various effects. Have fun!


How to Draw Shadows with Pencil 

Have you ever looked at any interior photos and thought what are the unrelated shapes? Sometimes sun creates interesting and beautiful shapes in an interior. In this tutorial you can see the demonstration of a small interior with a big skylight where sun rays are everywhere, one spot becomes darker while the other side of the room might be in sun’s direction. Spending time on your sketch and rendering will give you a good finish for each and every sketch you draw. Always remember to have Fun while sketching.