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Furnitures are the main focus on some people’s mind in their workplace. Modern design is one of the best trend these days as it is simple but elegant. In my opinion one of the most important reason is, because the space or the interior will look light,clean and calming. Use of white or same toned colours in a space can lead to simple and creative design. These examples of unique furnitures demonstrate how a combination of using one material furniture or wooden furnitures can work well in minimalistic style space.

The armchair Symposia is so special and kind of unusual chair which I call amazing and actually so modern to use in your office. There are 3 uses of materials which are carefully chosen to make the experience nice and interesting. The shape of the chair is not very simple but at the same time not classic ! Some how it can looks like a diamond and you sit in the middle. The design and choose of colour is stunning and gives you choices to rearrange other furnitures around it.

The Table Desk is another example of a fascinating modern furnitures of today’s life style. You don’t use handle or push pressure to open the draws you actually can play with drawers to use them. Each have enough space for your items and can be pushed out in a way not a normal drawers are. This experience is interesting and maybe does make you to move your chair or even move your self to be able to see what you have in the each of the drawers.

And the Origami Library is the simplest and appealing library I can say I have seen. Only one material been used to design this furniture which can sit in the corner of any room and can be used as many ways not just a library space ! The uneven spaces gives you the option to decorate or decide how to arrange your books or items. Again this is simple in a way but at the same time options are high !

So, “modern” does not mean less function, actually it means lot of thoughts of what experience you will have using the furniture and how you will feel.

Rearranging your furnitures or redecorating your interior isn’t a hard job to do ! Always remember to first list what you like to do and like to feel in the space and according to that you can possibly use modern furnitures to create that space and always have the chance to have an unusual furniture to create your atmosphere even more interesting.


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