How to Interior Design a Shop?

Design is every where but what is important is the knowledge behind Designing. As a Interior designer, I have been working on retail shops lately and I think it is important to let the world know about the steps and process I took. An Interior designer, is a great choice to talk to while thinking to design the interior of your shop but always make sure you find an interior designer who is expert in this specific field. It is always very important that you choose an expert group who work specifically in retail designing. Look at their portfolio and other designs they had for various spaces.

The fact is that the interface or front window of your shop and the area outside of your shop, have big relationship between each other. Strong connection between audience outside and what you offer inside is stablished when the front window works and communicates what you are offering inside; This means you will gain more audience and certainly affects your sales. Decoration and Interior Design will be affective if it is accordance with rules and principles of the work/job itself. For example an Interior design of a clothing shop will be very different with a front window of an house agency. Correct layout and quality of materials for specific projects will create a very stylish and modern interior.

When interior designing your shop or office, make sure the space you are designing or imagining is comfortable and when a client steps inside your office/shop feels they can trust you.

To interior design you shop: ( Interior designing a shop, will never meet those detailing in design process such as a space inside a house but it has its own steps and process)

1) consider the type of business will run in the space

2) Who will be interested in this field? Male or Female? both?

3) What level of society will communicate and understand what you are offering

In interior design, there is always a reason for each part of the space in use, and there will be a reason for each part of in various sizes, colours or atmosphere.

I believe it is great to get inspired by other designs around you and of course come up with your unique specific design your self and communicate with interior designer to make your dream come true!

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