One of the most significant part of any design process is about the Textures and how you can communicate with human’s feelings. There are many ways to develop a strong design process and one is knowing about Textures and how it does make your clients to engage with your design.

What is Texture Images? These sketches or Renderings are textures where are as realistic as possible where when both you as a designer or even some one who does not have design background, looks at the rendering, “Want” to touch the texture and they feel the texture in their head. The example of these types of texture can be a rendering of sky where there are many clouds in the sky and it looks this realistic that you feel like touching the board it is drawn on.

The second types of Textures is: Graphic Textures. This rendering is unique but it is exactly opposite way to Texture Images,How? This textures are more imaginary. You can use as many design materials possible to try to sketch a texture on paper. For example using a art pencil to shade or render a wooden table can be imagined and by positioning lines next to each other or far from each other can make the shadings/renderings.

One of the most exciting memory I remember while writing is that I remember when I was studying these course, our tutor told us to put a paper on something such as a coin or stone ground and then hold the paper with one hand and use other hand to draw lines quickly in the paper, what happens is the texture of the surface is copied on the paper. It was exciting and interesting. Try!

I remember then what I did after class was, I used many materials such as wood, stone and cloth to transfer their texture on one A3 piece of paper, it was a nice collage of Textures.

Be creative and use your Hands a lot to become a Designer.


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  1. When I bought my home, I never really thought about doing something like this. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it now but I might be able to on the outside of the home. You are right when you said that with textures, you can help communicate with our feelings. I’d just be sure to get the rendering done by a professional.

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