Speed Drawings

Sit back, relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy watching these videos. These types of videos been produced whenever you requested them and by watching them believe and see how your Hand skills are important, powerful and useful. Happy Learning!!


Building Sketching Tutorial #9 : Facade Entries

Is there any guideline for designing facade entries? To be honest with you I have no idea! But I like to see a mix of classic and modern design elements when entering an area or a space. Sometimes classic elements of a building which is use of repetition on a shape and use of horizontal and vertical shapes can make an facade entry very welcoming. What do you think? What do you think the entry of this building will take you to? Or what type of activity this building/ space will have? Please make sure to like this video if you learned something new! Share it if you believe someone else might learn something new either. Leave us comment as we love to read your thoughts, and as always Scratch to reality.



Match the Points, How to Draw A Modern House by Webb & Brown-Neaves 

This is an amazing modern House where nothing is ordinary inside and of course the outside.Use your rendering techniques to demonstrate this matter also, make your sketch fun by matching the points, you will be amazed what appears after matching all of them. Have Fun!


Sketch and Software Videos by Design N’ Construction 

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Destroyed Buildings Tutorial 

Match the Points!!
I am sure you know what we are talking about here!! YES the amazing game Uncharted 4. How cool is it? We, at Design N’ Construction play it as a group and follow each steps together, haven’t finished it yet but enjoying it for sure. Have you heard about Aaron Limonick? Concept artist and illustrator who is from Los Angeles. We highly recommend you to google and search about this artist who is very talented and AMAZING!! Take time and try re-sketching destroyed buildings from Uncharted 4. This is another “Match the Points” tutorial where you end up with a fun, interesting sketch. Experience what artists in game industry experiencing. Have Fun.


The 1300 Dot to Dot Sketch 

Cool Dot to Dot sketch of Top Ryde City living apartments by Crown. It is so fun and actually Relaxing to do these types of sketches!! Have you tried before? Comment your thoughts below, Thanks.


Small House Design in Antwerp,Belgium 

This is a fun quick sketch showing how small this house is and by cutting it in 3 elevation layers it does help you to understand how difficult was for designer to work with this small space of 4 meters wide and 12 meters deep. The outcome of this design is a modern inviting house where does look small but it is functional and a relaxing area to live in. Read more about this design : http://www.homedit.com/small-but-invi… Remember to always have fun, try making a puzzle out of your sketch too.


Speed Drawing: How to Sketch with Quality Lines Tutorial 

Step 1: It is always important to trust your judgment while sketching and rendering. Step 2: Watch this video to learn about techniques which will make your sketch stand out (Thickness and Stroke of Lines). Step 3: Quality sketch means Quality techniques.