Two Point Perspective Tutorials

If a drawing has parallel lines with width and depth of an object which are represented as meeting at two separate points on horizon line, you can say it is Two Point Perspective. Watch these videos to learn how to sketch room, garden and street views, staircase and buildings.


How to Draw a Tiny Atypical Perspective

These Tiny types of sketches take time to draw and it is confusing sometimes But what is cool about this Atypical Perspective is that you will have many mistakes while sketching but they will disappear slowly when you ink in main lines and start rendering. This tutorial challenges you to work with multiple planes. I made it even more challenging for my self to sketch it in a very small size, the size of the sketch is only same as length of a pen!! Good luck and think how you can make your sketching process fun and challenging.


How to Draw a Street using Two Point Perspective 

This tutorial demonstrates how you can use simple setting of Two Point Perspective and produce complex compositions. You need more practice for this type of composition where they become simpler and easier each time. Enjoy!


Garden Sketch Using Two Point Perspective Tutorial 

This is a fun quick sketch giving you a confidence of using two vanishing points for Two Point Perspective sketch. Practicing is always fun. This demonstrates you can sketch any kind of area using perspective principles, Not just a room corner it can be anywhere!! Just remember to use Grid Lines as a guide to draw objects.


How to Draw A Two Point Perspective Room 

As requested Design N’ Construction has created this simple Two Point Perspective sketch for beginners who like to learn and understand this rules in depth. In this setting use Two Vanishing Points as reference and as always Practice Practice PRACTICE !!! Good Luck, Have fun while sketching.


Two Point Perspective Stair Case 


Building Corner in Two Point Perspective