How to Render for Presentation

It is always a big question for all Design students and Designers like me who are busy working in Design field to know How to render for Presentation. If you are presenting a design piece to your tutor or client, it is always important to balance the layout and the quality of the work you are showing off. This means, demonstrating your hand and computer generated skills on same level, positioning them in correct orders and make a process story on your papers/boards.

Colour can be also one of the most important element to work with while planing your presentation boards. The colour you choose and how you choose it will effect the very first imprission. The most important lesson is to understand you need to have your background in light shades and the actual design which is the building or the interior in the bold colour so it will stand out. There are also some tips and tricks in colouring or rendering for presentation. For example; if you have trees in your sketches, make sure you leave them black or white (depending on the background colour) if your sketch is showing of the design during night time, but if you are showing of your design during day time when there is sun in the sky, you need to make sure you pay attention to details such as shadows and shading of the trees in your sketch. What you are trying to do with all of these steps is taking all the attention to the proposal design it self only not the background or anything else. Detailing is essential where you need to make sure to spend some time rendering your presentation as it will effect the result. I always use the background elements to help me propose my design, for example even the clouds in the sky are lightly rendered but the movement of them are towards the building facade not facing away.

Knowing all the steps about rendering, it is important that you have plan, section, elevation, perspective and technical drawings of your design where your tutor/client understands the practical parts of your design.

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