Morning ritual

As you all may know by now, I am very committed to you all. It is very important for me to upload videos on time and upload contents which are the wants and needs of you. I read all your comments, thoughts and try my best to create content which is the closest possible to what you request, like the most and want me to work on. Also it has been a while now that I begin my days differently. From 2017 I began to start each day at 6am with my Morning ritual. I thought I should write about this even if it is not related to type of sketches I provide for you but there are 2 reasons why I believe it is so important for you all to read this. 1) It is kind of a diagram/sketch which guides each and every day of my life 2) It has changed my life already and made me closer to each of you

I am writing this to give you my honest feedback and letting you know the process I am taking. At the end of the year 2016 I felt that I need to get to know you all and get closer to my subscribers or new people I meet every day who asks about my job. What happened was, I felt I need some guidance through my day to help me keep smiling, plan my day, reach my every day goal and become more passionate about my creativity. I asked myself to create and sketch out a diagram of things I would like to remind myself each and every morning to pushes me to my goals and Dreams!!

I bought a board and few markers, began by outlining few ideas such as “Smile, Stretch, Breathe, Water, Walk, Saying things loud, Empowering questions, Visualization, Plan of the day and Outlining 3 main “things” which needs to be done each day”. What happens every morning is that at 6am I wake up, wash my face and come to my board with my red marker. I ask my self questions while I am smiling and stretching my body. I try to make myself awake and ready for each and every one of you. I breathe and hold my breathe few seconds which helps me to have more energy and make each section of my body to wakeup! I say things loud such as: “I am happy because I have more than 800 subscribers from all over the world” , “I am excited to meet them soon” , “I am proud of my commitment to Design N’ Construction” , “I am grateful of being healthy and have my hands to sketch” , “I am passionate about the journey I am taking” , “I enjoy sketching” , “I am committed to Design N’ Construction and the schedule of videos” , “I love my subscribers” , “Each of my subscribers love me”. If I have time, I keep saying many more of these powerful sentences which they make me even more excited, if not I try to do it only in 30 minutes. Sometimes I sit down, close my eyes and visualize myself catching up with you all, seeing you, talking to you and hearing your opinions and excitement about Design N’ Construction. What makes me to know how I should plan my day is I pick 3 main tasks which I need to complete on the day, and I tel my self that they need to be DONE no questions asked! I sit down, open my Microsoft Excel on computer and plan my day, writing actions I need to take and results I am planning to gain at the end of the day.

I strongly recommend you to do the same, and you will see how your life will become clear to you, you get to know yourself better and deeper. You feel your own words and the journey you are taking to whatever goal you have in life or whatever job you have. I believe there is always improvement in each of us everyday, so why not plan ahead and make yourself to do what needs to be done. Make yourself ready for the day ahead of you and start the day with Smile! Your mind believes what you train it to.

I am providing my own board to you for an example and would love to know about your thoughts. Let me know if you have Morning rituals and what do you do? Help me out to improve mine and suggest me methods which you used or using and as always, remember to Scratch to Reality! Design N’ Construction team

References: Project Life Mastery ,Stefan James 

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