Nature sketching

There are many facts and elements where we need to consider when sketching nature. The main and most important element is Line. As we all may know by now, Lines have their own meaning and impact depending on their type. For example wavy lines resembles the sea and wave motion. So by choosing a type of line, you can create a feeling. Also, some rendering techniques such as hatching is created by various type of lines to demonstrate Texture in nature.

Depending on time and month of nature, leaves can have various colours, shapes and texture. Size of leaves and trees are usually different in plan view than perspective view. In perspective view, the real scale can be seen but in plan view trees have various sizes to demonstrate the density in the environment. Using people in a sketch is very powerful as can communicate the scale to the viewer.

Do you know that Sky has an important effect when sketching nature? Using correct lines in your sky can make the whole sketch come together as one and bring the focus of the viewer to details of your drawing. These details can be Stones that you sketched. Sketching stone in your nature means lots of detailing and renderings.

It is a good idea to do your research before start to sketch. If researching, use magazine, internet or images you own from nature to collect details and write them down or draw a diagram to understand them. You can also search about various towns and cities to be able to sketch an amazing view. Please visit our YouTube channel for these demonstrations.

References: Alexey PastukhovClaudia Ciarico and Hu Mei

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  1. Hi there I’m Hu Mei Yu, got your msg on instagram, thanks for featuring and crediting my work in your article, it’s a very good read btw lots of useful information and advice! 🙂
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    1. Hi Hu Mei Yu, thanks for the msg. Ur welcome. I am happy to hear you like and enjoy what Design N’ Construction provides. Have fun! 🙂

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