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Lately we have been thinking of this particular design tool to engage and communicate more effectively with our clients; But non of us really know how to animate or where to even begin!

We are fortunate because we have you as our clients, I feel we are one big family and every single day, more creative people join us from around the globe. Why am I lucky? because I raised this to one of you, and you gave us so many ideas, thoughts and direction. So I thought it will be useful to share it here with all who visit us and may have the same question as I had.

I believe in today’s life where we all spend so much time to think of our future and what we want to do or become, Animation can help us to reach it easier. Imagine if one have been thinking for such a long time to design or create something from scratch and finally when became the inventor of the piece, it would be so powerful if you propose your piece through animation and show its functionality to the world. You might think it is hard and not possible for someone with no knowledge of animation to do this. I felt the same but, I would like to introduce you to few programs where you can easily become skilled in this field and showcase your ideas to the world.


1) Adobe after effects

This program is very impressive! So complex and it looked so scary when first opened and filled my computer’s screen. There is windows everywhere, many effects and many words everywhere where they each have the capability of do something creative for you. With no experience in animation, I felt I need few hours to first understand this program and watch some tutorials online to begin with. After understanding basics, it has so much to offer. The main wow factor is the quality. Adobe after effects can create high quality videos very fast. As you sent us many examples, I have chosen few to share for you.

2) Apple motion

I have iMac at work and trying Apple motion was really fun. The structure of this program is very simple and uncomplicated. It is ideal for me, as making very simple animation took me 15 minutes after I lunched the program for the first time. In the other hand there are complex 3D forms and track movements available either. The only negative feedback I can mention is the quality as you might have read about it online elsewhere. Having no knowledge or any idea where to start and having apple computer, I suggest to try this where you will be able to design short animation out of images with many effects. If you do have some experience in animation making then the quality of this program will not make you satisfied.

3) Go Animate

This is another straightforward tool of design. The difference is that you will use it online. Everything is ready for you to use and create your project. It reminds me of Microsoft PowerPoint where you can prepare slideshows of class or work projects. There are many templates and characters to choose from and start.

4) Xtranormal

This program is similar to Go! Animate but here you can design in 3D as well as 2D. It is easy to use, as there are many templates to choose from. By few clicks on templates, choice of mood and character you can create an animation.

5) Wideoo

Manageable and easiest to create short and simple videos. You can use your photos to design a short video. It is automatic, fast and fun.


Please as always let me know about your thoughts and opinion, it is very important and will read each and every one’s. Also make sure to help and advise us if you have some experience in Animating, as we are very new and learning from you. Would like to thank and appreciate the time you spend with us. Remember to Scratch to Reality! Design N’ Construction team

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