What does Concept mean?

The definition of concept is ideas from different elements come together in one place as text, thoughts or observations. When working on any kind of design projects, designers write their thoughts and ideas and sometimes they sketch or draw their thoughts. You may end up having many papers of your sketch thinking about your thoughts and sketching your thoughts before even starting the main steps in the project.

What I would like to do is exactly the same. As an Interior designer I always sketch my thoughts. These sketches can become the important part of my final work as they are my inspiration or concept work. What I believe is important and want to spread is that conceptual work or this process is not accidental. It needs time and passion. It needs maybe 10% skill and 90% practice and love! If you like what you designing you will think about each and every detail so of course there will be many ideas and ways to begin your project.

Ideas can be the placement of shapes, their colour or even size. Lately We began playing Uncharted 4 game and I am sure if you are interested in video games, you know that how cool the environment is in the game. All the buildings, Nate hanging from buildings to the other and etc! You know how big the design group is behind a game like this? What I am interested is the environment we are playing in. There are buildings, ocean, jungle or even some destroyed buildings. You may think it is not important but even for things such as destroyed buildings there is conceptual artist who is passionate about these types of work. Aaron Limonick is a conceptual artist and illustrator who is in game industry and been involved in this game for such sketches as Destroyed Buildings.

Ideas are born when your imagination becomes real. Your imagination does not have many details until it is either a text, sketch or an element where can be seen, read or felt. As I said I always have many sketches in front of me when thinking about a project in real life and when I choose one to move on I give it depth, meaning and details. An idea has its own needs to become real this is why we say it is Concept work, so it is an Idea where we believe can be developed and work on. Have fun and do many conceptual sketches!!!

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Julio Julianto, and VitruvianArchitects


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