Your visual thinking power = Sketching

As you may all know by now, Design N’ Construction is mainly about Sketch and Software tutorials. But why do we need to Sketch? Why do we sketch and publish it online for you to watch? What would be the benefit for you?

I believe hand skills such as sketching should always be considered as an important part in our lives. Every situation itself does not define the perspective of people, perspective of each person is defining the moment or the situation in life. In fact when a sketcher sketches something of reality, he or she interprets what they see in their perspective. Another person will sketch the same view or a “thing” differently depending on their perspective or way of thinking. This is amazingly powerful because this means, the viewer who look at the sketch, will understand the sketch from the viewpoint of the sketcher, which means you can communicate visually to others in this creative process. Have you ever looked at an abstract sketch and actually could observe a “feeling” or it reminds you of something? This means the sketcher is communicating with you visually. The reason why I get goosebumps every time creating, editing and publishing a video for you is exactly this. The difference between an artist and sketcher is that being Artist is a destination itself but a sketcher begins creating valuable moments. Each sketch can become something real or translate to a valuable content. A sketch can be an idea.

Every single successful person that I know, began with an idea and then transformed it to success. Explaining creativity can be complex and hard to understand but as soon as you visual, creativity it becomes much easier to digest. This word “creative” might look scary or impossible but the simplest way of presenting an idea or being creative is to draw. There is no right or wrong way of doing this, as we all are unique and we all have the most amazing device on planet which is brain! Living the life we are living means we are already creative. Personally I prefer sketching to talking and I am still learning. Please have a look at Design N’ Construction channel and play the very first video is uploaded, watch it and then play the most recent sketch video is uploaded. Can you see the huge difference? Can you feel the passion and love in being served by my hands? This means I am a videographer and most importantly today I have you all in my life. Something that I never would even think is possible.

Sketching is quicker for me than talking as when one line is sketched on the paper gives me the hint to what to do next but talking needs thinking for me. Actually as I have received many request to create videos where you can see me, I am thinking about it as you all are very important for me and the time you spend on Design N’ Construction channel is very valuable for me. I just remembered this quote from Le Corbusier “I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.”

One of the most important and exciting reason why sketching is so important is that the main concept of a project or an idea will appear in concept sketches of any project. Forexample if you are worked on a kitchen, if you go back to your design process, the very first sketches you have done, gave you direction and hints to where to go or where to start. This is the start point of design process where you see, observe and study the situation, visually communicate with your self and client to solve and propose a solution. Sketching is evaluating ideas. The approach me and my team take is initial drawings where sometimes is the end result or we are generating process which we can exchange ideas with other members of the team. We master our mind and gather ideas and I believe few master minds next to each other can create amazing solution than just one. Other principle part of design process can be model making or mood boards. We all choose a road to start with but what is common in all of us, is having a pencil and paper in front of us to visually demonstrate what it is in our mind. On the other hand, the concern here is many designers skip the first step of design process and try to turn their ideas into something believable and captivating. The energy and process you take to convince others is so exhausting and does not appear well. Use what we all have naturally in us which is creativity and skills. We all have it just need to improve it, and by not having to be worried of being correct or wrong, why not grow our skills?

Drawing ideas can help. I believe it helps you psychologically to be in a state of will and power to bring a solution to any project you are working on. One of the main reasons why we also offer Software tutorials on Design N’ Construction channel is because we believe technology is impressive and powerful. It can help to grow even more. It basically gives your ideas wings. I believe we are very lucky to live in this era where it is possible to take your hand skills, ideas and concepts to computer softwares and develop them even furthur. These softwares do what our hands would not be able to do. So how fortunate are we to have both available to be able to grow to the maximum level of capacity we have. World needs people who dreams, use their skills and grow as they always will be the pattern makers of civilisation. There is something between the interaction of eyes, brain and ideas. Think about it!

Computer drawings have excellent accuracy but sketch express feelings, thoughts behind the design where the success begins. So as always, remember to Scratch to Reality! Design N’ Construction team

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